Online Vocal Courses

Welcome to Master the Art of Singing, part of Bellucci Vocal Schools!
The courses are about to be launched and we are thrilled with how complete they are and how they are really packed with the highest quality learning content to be found. 
Have a look at the online courses that are to be launched this year.
All courses really provide complete vocal education, they are like your own conservatory music school, even for beginners.

The advantages of an online course are many: you get a complete vocal training by a much sought-after teacher at a fraction of the costs of in person lessons. You can follow the lessons whenever you want, they fit perfectly in your busy schedule! No worries about having to cancel and lose your already paid-for in person lessons! You can also follow the online course lessons  wherever you are, and in the privacy of your own home. Don't feel awkward anymore in a hasty music school. You can watch and train at your own pace and repeat and rewatch any lesson.

These courses are real vocal educations. They provide you with the same content and more than when you would join a famous vocal school or conservatory. The difference is that these courses are for every singer (and actor or speaker) that is eager to learn in a welcoming, inspiring online school, and that wants to be challenged with a great curriculum for developing a healthy voice, ready to take on the world and the professional and amateur musical scene.

Courses come with many extra's like beautiful work books, live webinars for students to join, challenges, exercises, interviews with voice specialists, song break downs, bonus discounts, and of course: study support in Q&A's and master classes.

Get a taste and get acquainted with this new way of learning by joining a free webinar, where you can enjoy a ton of knowledge and learning for free!
The first ones will start this summer!

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We look forward to welcoming you!
Warm regards,
On behalf of Irene de Raadt -Bellucci,
Team Bellucci Vocal Schools

All Course Features

The launch is taking its time, but behind the scenes, there is hard work in progress...
Have a look at the course features in the meantime! Tip: scrolling will take a while, since the courses are packed with valuable content!

Video lessons

Hundreds of short and clear video lessons, presented in a step-by-step structure. At your own pace, in your own time, in your own place.


Beautiful workbooks for active learning with challenges, checklists, quizzes, exercise schedules, illustrations, motivations and more.

Vocal exercises

Challenging, fun and useful exercises to put your newly acquired knowledge into practise. Recorded at the grand piano, where I will guide you through the exercises.

Regular Q&A's

You don't have to do this alone. We got you covered with regulary Q&A Group Coaching Calls where you can ask anything about the course material.

Podcast lessons

The same video lessons, but on podcast, for you to follow everwhere, whenever you want. Perfect to listen to in the car, on the bike, on your couch or when walking.

Printed Book

All the course content in a beautiful, printed book. Available in book stores beginning of 2023.
(Discount for course enrolled students and memberships)

Master Classes

Perform for your fellow students in the online webinar Master Classes, as a student or in the audience.
(Only memberships and Early Bird Offer)

Vocal Community

Meet vocal students just like you in our Vocal Academy, in our commuity and in real life. Support each other and talk about topics from the course.

Specialist Interviews

Listen to interviews with featured specialists in the vocal field: ENT doctors, Lung doctors, Speech Therapists, Mindfulness Coaches, Star Singers et cetera.

Blog articles

Keep yourself informed with articles about everything vocal in the regular blog. Or write a guest blog about your experiences as a vocalist! 

Support Team

Having a technical issue? Contact our friendly support team for help.
They will help you get on track again.

Private Coaching

Book a personal coaching session with me.
(Only memberships)


Don't just learn, but put your knowledge into practise with weekly and monthly challenges.


Start each session by getting mindful about your vocal habits. Eat, drink and live your best vocal life. 


Get certificated to proof you completed a course and boost your resume and development.


Become an affiliate ambassador of our courses and enjoy special benefits and rewards.

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Upcoming Live Classes

Conversatory Content For All

Conservatory content and learning for all levels of vocalists. Access hundreds of hours of in-depth vocal courses with step-by-step instructions, specialist tips and much more. Active learning with video, podcast, workbooks, tests, challenges and effective vocal exercises.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off.  No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons. In the privacy of your own home. At your own pace. Guided and personal vocal coaching at a fraction of the costs of private vocal coaching. 

Webinars, Master Classes, Q&A's

Join the Live Webinars, Master Classes and Q&A's, and learn with singers from around the world who are just like you. Learn with the webinars, practise in the Master Classes, get support in the Q&A's and ask your questions to featured specialist guest speakers.