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Master the Art of Vocal Exercising

Over 300 coached vocal exercises for all vocal styles. Practise, train & develop your voice in a fun, challenging & structured way at the grand piano

Practice Is Everything

Singing with greater freedom
When you properly and regularly exercise your voice, you enlarge your vocal capabilities.
You will become a much more effective, confident, and artistically free singer.

Medical Reasons
 Controlled, steady vocal exercises will increase acid in the muscles surrounding your vocal folds.
This helps those muscles do their jobs more effectively and in a healthy way.

Practise and sing your whole vocal range
Regular exercising will also result in more control over your voice, being able to use your whole vocal range, prevent vocal injuries and give you more joy and expression in singing.

Why Practising Conciously Is So Important

Practice versus Concious Practice

Your voice is a delicate and complicated instrument; you need to exercise it step by step, with attention and guidance. Just singing runs without good technique, knowing how to do it, what to watch out for, and what exercises you can and cannot do (yet) can result in bad vocal practices and permanent vocal damage.

While regular practise might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. Deliberate practice is a way to growing a skill through a series of planned exercises. reflections (learning how to do it) and collaborations (guidance).

It is better to practise vocal exercises deliberately, then singing them the wrong way for a thousand times. 

The Science Of Practice

According to the American Psychological Association...

practising skills over time causes neural pathways to work better in unison via "myelination".
When you practise something, your brain produces "myelin", a substance that wraps around the neuronal axons and enhances the transmission of electrical impulses. When you practise a bad habit, your brain will incorporate this bad habit and it will be repeating this every time.

It is therefor vital to practice the right exercises, in the right order, the correct way, with focus and regularity
to enhance the right things and improve your performance, in order to become the best singer you ever thought you could be.

Train and develop your voice the professional way

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Master the Art of Vocal Exercising
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Benefits Of This Course

The most extensive vocal exercises library to be found on the internet as per today.
Hundreds of exercises, and more added every day.
Practical vocal exercises, that will warm up, train, challenge and perfect your voice.
Fun, challenging, and academically proven exercises.
Clearly explained by and guided by a leading vocal teacher.
Exercises used by vocal celebrities and conservatories all over the world.
Take your coach with you where ever you go, on the road, on holiday, before a concert or audition.
Every day practice at hand, in your own pace, and in the privacy of your own home.
Beautifully sounding, inspiring accompaniments from the grand piano.
Training your voice will make your voice more versatile, flexible, healthy and free.
Every day improvement. 
This package contains all the exercises you need to become a better singer.
A safe and proven way to enhance your vocal capabilities.
For every singer, every style and level.

All Course Features

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Vocal Exercises
On Video

Hundreds of the best vocal exercises to train literally every aspect of your voice and singing. That is more than 10 hours of privately coached exercises!

Vocal Exercises
On Audio

The same vocal exercises but on audio / podcast, so you can listen to them and train your voice on the go!

Grand Piano Accompaniment

Get inspired by the accompaniment on the grand piano. Easily feel the rythm and melody of your exercise guided by the beautiful chords of the piano. 

Deliberate Practice
Guided exercises, clearly explained, so you know what the goal of the exercise is and how to exactly perform it. It is like private coaching!
For All Vocal Styles & Levels
Can professional exercises be challenging, fun and inspiring for all levels, beginners to pro? Yes! Go as far as you like and skyrocket your vocal capacities, day by day!
Conservatory Proven

The exercises are used by conservatories all over the world and guarantee a safe, efficient and challenging way to enhance your voice. Conservatory for all!

Prevent Vocal Damage

Many vocalists damage their voices without even knowing it by "DIY exercising". Stop injuring your vocal chords. Start training like a pro and with proper guidance.


Prepare your mind and body to fully profit from the exercise. Get mindfulness tips about posture and breathing nad boost your emotional and physical well-being.

A beautiful workbook for active, structured exercising with planners, exercise schedules, challenges, assignments, illustrations and more.
Group Exercising Webinars

Exercise together during the regular Group Exercising Webinars! Have fun with others and exercise with live tips and live piano accompaniment. (Only memberships and Early Bird Offer)


You don't have to do this alone. We got you covered with regular Q&A live webinars where you can ask any questions you might have about the exercises.

Master classes

Get on stage online and perform for your fellow students and get coached live. Or join the audience and get side coached.

Vocalist Community

Meet vocalists just like you in our Vocalist Community. Support each other and talk about performing and auditioning experiences  and topics of the course. (Only memberships and Early Bird Offer)

Blog articles

Keep yourself informed with articles about everything vocal in the weekly blog. Or write a guest blog about your experiences as a student! 

Support Team

Having a technical issue? Contact our friendly support team for help.
They will help you get on track again.

Private Coaching

Book a complimentary 30 minute personal vocal exercising session with me. (Only memberships and Early Bird Offer)

Tailored For Your Needs

Develop your voice from any device, at any time, at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can repeat your lesson. In the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.

Printed Book

The content of all courses in a beautiful, printed book. Available in book storees beginning of 2023. (Discount for enrolled students, memberships and Early Bird Offer)


Get certificated to proof you completed a course and boost your resumé for auditions, career and job interviews.


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Practice Makes Perfect

 Sing better and healthier by training your voice the correct way

With Master the Art of Vocal Exercising, you practise, train, develop & master your voicee with hundreds of vocal exercises on video and podcast. That is over 10 hours of guided, deliberate practice and training, and more are added daily!
I will accompany you on the grand piano, be your personal coach & guide to your daily exercises and help you exercise your voice in a fun, safe, challenging way with proven exercises, used by conservatories and vocal celebreties all over the world and some that I teach exclusively in my studios, online, all over the world and for the past 18 years.

Irene de Raadt-Bellucci

Vocalist (a.o. with Andrea Bocelli) and vocal coach to hundreds of students since 2003. Specialist in Vocal Technique in lyrical singing.

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