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Irene de Raadt Bellucci
Vocalist, vocal coach and founder of Master the Art of Singing

Irene de Raadt-Bellucci | Apr 14, 2023

How I apply "the Tools" of Phil Stutz's for creating & enhancing "the Life Force Triangle" for vocalists.

Irene de Raadt-Bellucci | Mar 01, 2022

This is my first blog post on this website. I am "over the moon" with anticipation for the courses here to launch!

Irene de Raadt-Bellucci | Sep 27, 2021

A striking article touched my heart today. The English National Opera have joined forces to help Covid patients recovering. Heart warming!

Irene de Raadt-Bellucci | Sep 15, 2021

Test your knowledge on Vocal Technique!