Opera Singers Help Covid-19 Patients Learn to Breathe Again

A striking article touched my heart today. The English National Opera have joined forces to help Covid patients recovering. Heart warming!

The article is featured in the New York Times and has already touched many. Challenging times ask for rigourous and out-of the-box solutions. This we all have experienced. But as you will read on, and as many singers know, it seems so logical: breathing exercises to train the lungs in getting and staying healthy! 

Singing as medicine

It has been long proven: singing is an exquisite way to acquire a good use of the breathing mechanism: not only do we learn (again) how to keep a healthy posture for this, but also to use, relax and tighten certain muscles of the diaphragm. It makes a world of difference. In particular for these patients, who are suffering from breathing disorders since they were infected with the Corona virus.

Oxytocin and Endorphin: "Social Prescription"

The extra "bonus" is that, when breathing the right way, certain hormones are produced that benefit our brain: endorphin and oxytocin. The same hormones that are produced when we are dancing, laughing, or in love. It also regulates the heart rate. Something, that is very beneficial to the patients, that suffer from anxiety because of their illness.

Online vocal lessons

The patients do the same vocal exercises as the singers, connected to the English National Opera. The vocal lessons take place through Zoom (again a sign, that vocal lessons online are equally good as in person).

It proves once again, how singing is an important vehicle on the road to health and happiness. 

I wish you happy & healthy singing!




Source: New York Times, February 16, 2021
Original article in link by 
Andrew Dickson