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Master the Art of Singing (Vocal

A revolutionary new vocal learning method. Learn, practise and enjoy a healthy vocal technique and sing free, without strain and with expression!

A clear and step-by-step method to learn how to use sing in a healthy and free way.
Create a powerful technique for a physical and emotional free vocal performance!

If, even after many performances or vocal classes, you still have trouble pitching, are singing without strain, experience doubt about how to reach that high note well, that you cannot sing and phrase as freely as you had it in your mind, then this is for you. This revolutionary new vocal learning method is guaranteed to build a strong, supported vocal performance. It continues to let you grow where other methods fail.
Master The Art Of Singing was designed to provide in depth coaching for advanced and professionsl singers, but because of the profound basic depth of the lectures and clear structure, it is also a great place for beginning vocalists, that are serious about taking on the vocal development journey as well.

 Master The Art Of Singing
Vocal Technique Course

Master The Art Of Singing is a complete Online Vocal Technique Education that covers literally all topics on vocal technique.

The Importance Of A Supporting Vocal Technique

Straining the singing voice, for instance by using belting without proper coordination, can lead to forcing, which in turn can cause vocal deterioration, known as fatigue of the vocal cords. Straining the voice can lead the development of vocal nodules, a form of scarring on the vocal cords caused by strenuous or abusive voice practices.

Some Numbers About Vocal Injury:

General data

Approximately 7.5 million people in the United States have trouble using their voices.

Student Singers

As many as 56.5% of student singers report a current voice problem.
That figure, however, may actually underestimate the true extent of voice problems in student singers, as demonstrated by clinically significant laryngoscopic findings among asymptomatic singing students,
says singing voice specialist and speech-language pathologist, Aaron Ziegler, MA, CCC-SL

Professional Singers

But professional singers are at risk, too: 46 percent of singers experience voice problems in their career, as
this study in the Journal of Voicestated

Famous Vocalists

Some famous singers known to have developed vocal nodules are Luciano Pavarotti, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Freddie Mercury, and Joss Stone. Singers known to have their vocal nodules surgically treated are Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Adele, Björk, Shirley Manson, Keith Urban, John Mayer and Rod Stewart. Julie Andrews is well known for her singing voice being permanently damaged by the surgery. Elton John is notable for having vocal surgery, as it caused his voice to significantly deepen.  

Research by Massachusetts General Hospital which analysed a group of elite singers who suffered vocal cord damage, with a total of 240 Grammy award nominations among them, showed that 90% of those injuries was the result of vocal trauma and lack of technique. It is only after they sought proper vocal coaching and months (and years) of vocal rest, that they were able to continue singing. About 30% could never sing again.

Contemporary commercial music and musical theater first-year students were found to have more vocal fold pathologies compared with classical students in a study led by researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

The conclusion of all the above mentioned research studies is that
 classical based vocal training is seen as the best vocal training for all styles of vocalists.

Do You Recognize This?

  • You experience hoarseness and pain during/after singing
  • You find yourself repeatetly clearing your throat
  • You don't always sing in tune
  • You feel it is an effort to talk after singing
  • You have difficulty with placement of the high notes
  • You are overwhelmed by all contradicting vocal methods
  • You need a solid, structured & proven learning process
  • You are out of breath before the end of the phrase
  • You don't fully understand breath control
  • You have difficulty with head voice, it sounds small
  • You have an audible break to head voice 
  • You need professional, challenging exercises, not just lip trills
  • You want real grand piano accompaniment, not karaoke
  • You try to avoid head voice
  • You are a classical singer and can't give enough resonance to the low tones
  • You want to control vibrato
  • You want to sing freely, without strain or pain
  • You are afraid to grow old with a hoarse voice
  • You have bad posture
  • You feel stressed when singing

Are These Your Goals?

  • You don't want to abuse your voice
  • want to sing in tune, always
  • want to expand your vocal range
  • have enough breath
  • want to understand & master breath support
  • can phrase any way you want
  • wish to erase the break to head voice
  • want to find placement easy
  • want to use dynamics in a healthy way
  • dream of phonetizing beautifully, with clear projection
  • want to fully understand vocal technique
  • need real, challenging and useful vocal exercises
  • with which you clearly notice yourself progress
  • want to practise songs with a real, acoustic grand piano
  • want to sound beautiful, rich and powerful
  • want to feel confident with your voice
  • to embrace head voice, loudly and softly
  • to sing with freedom and joy
  • to ace every audition 
  • to have a healthy voice your whole life
  • to develop supporting posture
  • want to Master The Art Of Singing!

Start Building A Healthy Vocal Technique Today!

 Technique adjustments can prevent injury and lead to improved endurance and stamina; and the singer can sing and vocally feel dramatically better as those adjustments are made. These adjustments can result in huge changes for the singer,
according to Dr. Reena Gupta, Director of the Division of Voice and Laryngology at the Osborne Head & Neck Institute

Boost Your Performance,
Enlarge Your Range,
Develop Your Vocal Technique

Master the Art of Singing is a course with a revolutionary new method that will coach you through four learning stages that will help you understand, practise and implement vocal technique, both physically and emotionally.
These four stages are based on academical research and are very different than any other approach on vocal eduction.

The course has over 150 lessons on video and podcast and over 300 vocal exercises, for you to learn and exercise with in your own time, place and pace, and a workbook that will challenge you to take action. The Master Classes and Q&A Group Coaching Calls make it almost private coaching. Interviews with specialists and bonuses like tool discount make the course complete.

Course Features

Video lessons

Over 120 short and clear video lessons, presented in a step-by-step structure. At your own pace, in your own time, in your own place.


A beautiful workbook for active learning with challenges, checklists, quizzes, exercise schedules, illustrations, motivations and more.

Vocal exercises

Challenging, fun and useful exercises to put your new acquired knowledge into practise. Recorded at the grand piano, where I will guide you through the exercises.

Regular Q&A's

You don't have to do this alone. We got you covered with regular Q&A Group Coaching Calls where you can ask anything about the course material.

Podcast lessons

The same video lessons, but on podcast, for you to follow everwhere, whenever you want. Perfect to listen to in the car, on the bike, on your coach or when walking.

Printed Book

All the course content in a beautiful, printed book.
(Discount for course enrolled students and memberships)

Master Classes

Perform for your fellow students in the online webinar Master Classes, as a student or in the audience.
(Only memberships)

Vocal Academy

Meet vocal students just like you in our Vocal Academy, in our commuity and in real life. Support each other and talk about topics from the course.


Listen to interviews with featured specialists in the vocal field: ENT doctors, Lung doctors, Speech Therapists, Mindfulness Coaches, Star Singers et cetera.

Blog articles

Keep yourself informed with articles about everything vocal in the monthly newsletter and log. 

Support Team

Having a technical issue? Contact our friendly support team for help.
They will help you get on track again.

Private Coaching

Book a personal coaching session with me.
(Only memberships)


Don't just learn, but put your knowledge into practise with weekly and monthly challenges.


Start each session by getting mindful about your vocal habits. Eat, drink and live your best vocal life. 


Get certificated to proof you completed a course and boost your resume and development.


Become an ambassador of our courses and enjoy special benefits and rewards.

Case Studies

Learn from case studies about common vocal problems, or submit your vocal problem  in a video or email and have it reviewed in the course.

Course Curriculum

About Bellucci Vocal Schools

I have been a professional vocalist and pianist for 20+ years. I started singing when I was four years old and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience in over 15 countries in three continents as a lyrical (pop) soloist, musical theatre performer and classical singer (a.o. with Andrea Bocelli).  

As a performer, I have sung in many productions and with many orchestras, and have worked with directors like Eugene Kohn. As an educator, I have been asked to teach, coach and adjudicate worldwide.

I launched Bellucci Vocal Schools and Master the Art Of Singing in order to serve vocalists all over the world who are as  motivated as I am to continue learning and honing their craft.

Having studied Musical Theatre and Classical Voice and Piano, I have continued to pursue higher learning with world-class vocal pedagogues in order to further my knowledge and provide excellent instruction to my students worldwide.

Nothing would make me happier than to work with you  to help you achieve greater succes and joy as a vocalist and a musician!
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Testimonials from students

"I have had vocal lessons with Irene for many years. Together, we worked on my technique and we made some great recordings. She teaches you very well howto practise, how to train posture, resonance and breathing. ... I have advanced tremendously as a singer and a person, she coached me right through my blockages in some very difficult songs, I wouldn't have dared to sing wihout her. I came so much further than I ever thought I could come! But most of all, she gave me back the joy and confidence in singing and performing. I am so grateful! If you are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and super knowledgeable teacher, I can strongly recommend Irene" 

Romy Muste
Professional Pop/Rock/Classical singer

"I have had vocal lessons from Irene for so many years now, and I learned so much from her. We spoke about everything in her useful lessons: breath support, technique, sound colour... Irene not only lifts her students up to a higher level by a very personal approach, she is also an enormously sweet and inspiring woman. She is flexible and enthusiastic and I attended our sessions with so much joy. Thank you!

Manouk Tjassens
Professional Musical Actress and Vocalist

"Dear Irene, thank you so much for the educational and fun singing lessons! You have helped me enormously! I've learned such a lot from you over the past 4 years with you! I will miss our lessons and I would love to come back now and then. Thank you!
Regards, Johnny

Johnny Barendsen
Professional Musical Actor and Vocalist

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is developed to get even the most advanced singer to sing with even more freedom and health. It therefore features solutions for all problems singers might encounter. Because of the clear way of the teaching lectures, the extensive library of vocal exercises, the step-by-step structure and the completeness of the course on really all topics, it is a perfect course for beginning vocalists as well. 

I have been a vocal teacher for a few decades and have been busy creating this course for almost 8 years. It has a clear, step-by-step structure that will make you fully understand vocal technique. In tutorials, you would have to search long to find the answer that you were looking for, and you will have no structure. My course is also based on a proven, academic learning model that guarantees that you will make a transformation and that you reach your goal: to master your voice, both physically and mentally. I have seen this in even exerienced vocalists that I have helped, that were still struggling with clarity and the lack of a solid system that they can always rely on. They often said that my lessons finally were the puzzle piece they had been looking for for a long time.

This course is suited for all genres and styles, because it aims at healthy vocal technique. The song break downs are songs of musical theatre, pop, jazz, chansons, classical and rock. I am a trained classical and musical theatre singer and I noticed that my greater comprehension of breathing, high notes and head voice, for example, is an advantage in my teaching. I have coached: pop, musical, classical, jazz, rock and R&B singers, chansonniers, actors, rappers and singer-songwriters and this course is for all those styles of singers. 

Certainly! You can ask anything, that is not totally clear to you in the Q&A's, Live Webinars and the Master Classes. They provide a lot of opportunity to get help during the course. You can also submit a video or a vocal problem to be analyzed in the course under "Study Cases".

Not at all. Yes, the course does cover everything there is to know about vocal technique, but it is structured in a step-by-step way to not get overwhelmed. The modules are taking you step by step through the process of singing, this will prevent you from just randomly watching lessons and makes it very comprehensive. 

This course is quite large, indeed! This is, because it covers every topic that helps you develop your voice, in a clear way, and it will actually help you understand, train and enjoy your vocal technique. There is no such thing as a "quick-fix", although you can do the course as fast as you wish! I firmly believe that is necessary to understand things, in able to really change your vocal habits for the best. A conservatory education normally takes 4 years, but, although it covers everything on vocal technique that a conservatory does too, this course will not take you years. I would say that it takes a few months, but there are plenty of active exercises to do to make it fun while worthwhile! And the best part is: you can always access it later, to review lessons and to quickly look things up, that you might have forgotten.

My experience is that most teachers do not take the time to explain or explain the wrong way. I will show you in the course that you will not only understand vocal technique, but you will also be able to put it into practice. And afterwards, you will be able to sing freely, without strain, and whatever you wish and enjoy a great technique for the rest of your life!

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