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Master the Art of Lax Vox (tube resonance method)

Used by logopedists all over the world: the tube "bubbling" exercise that cares for, regenerates, and trains your voice.

Course to be launched soon!

Course Summary

The Tube Resonance Method is used by singers, actors, professional speakers, teachers, etc. It is used in voice, speech, and breathing therapy as well as in vocal and speech training. Using a glass or plastic tube, you make bubbles and sounds in a jar of water. This will warm up, tune, and prepare your voice for the vocal tasks. I will personally guide you and show you have to do it, how it works, and give you many exercises to train with. Furthermore, I will link the exercises directly into your singing.

Course Curriculum

Irene de Raadt Bellucci

Fulltime vocal coach for over 17 years. I love helping singers achieve their full potential. 

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