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Irene de Raadt - Bellucci

I help people communicate more clearly, more easily, more effectively and more beautifully so they can sing and speak any note, any phrase and any song with more freedom and health.

Advanced Courses
for Professional Singers

Master The Art Of...

Vocal Technique
Breathing & Breath Support
Vocal Exercising
Vocal Health
Piano Playing for Vocal Accompaniment
Lax Vox
Speaking & Communicating
Teaching Voice

Healthy Singing & Free Expression
based on renowned italian methods and the latest scientific research for all genres and styles.

Online courses for voice users that want to use their voices in a healthy, free way.
Based on conservatory literature, academic science in physical and psychologic field and years of teaching, learning and performing.
Challenging and inspiring with incredible results
for beginning, advanced and professional vocalists and speakers!

Revolutionary Insights in Breathing
Revolutionary insights in breathing for singers, speakers and others, interested in learning about why we breathe incorrectly and how to turn it into a healthy, life prolonging breathing mechanism that serves not only our voice, but our whole body. 


Practise Like A Pro

Your Quick Start Guide To Achieving Better Results In Your Daily Vocal Practise Routine


courses given by
Irene de Raadt-Bellucci

Founder of Master The Art Of Singing

I have been a professional vocalist for 20+ years and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience in over 15 countries in three continents as a lyrical soloist, musical theatre performer and classical singer (a.o. with Andrea Bocelli).  

As a performer, I have sung in many productions and with many orchestras, and have worked with directors like Eugene Kohn. As an educator, I have been asked to teach, coach and adjudicate worldwide.

I launched Master the Art Of Singing in order to serve vocalists all over the world who are as  motivated as I am to continue learning and honing their craft.

Having studied Musical Theatre and Classical Voice and Piano, I have continued to pursue higher learning with world-class vocal pedagogues in order to further my knowledge and provide excellent instruction to my students worldwide.

Nothing would make me happier than to work with you  to help you achieve greater succes and joy as a vocalist and a musician!

What Students Say

I have been taking lessons from Irene for several years now and have learned a lot during this time. Every aspect of breath support, sound placement, resonance and overal vocal technique has been explained and practised in her useful lessons.  Besides the fact that Irene quickly lifts her students up to a higher level, she is also a very sweet and inspiring woman. She is flexible, her enthusiasm is contagious, and her lessons are so enjoyable. Thank you!

Manouk Tjassens
Professional musical performer Stage Entertainment Musical  Theatre Productions

Coaching for Vocalists & Voice Professionals of all genres based on Italian classical methods
and the newest scientific voice research

My courses are exclusively made with the objectives and goals of all lyrical vocalists, classical, musical, to pop, in mind, as well as people that use their voice on a daily basis, like actors, speakers, et cetera.
You can now have vocal education, training and guidance at your disposal anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, and tailored just for your needs.

Vocal Technique

This course is a complete professional vocal education. Some features (but not all) are:

- Clear instructional video & audio  lectures
- Like a conservatory education, but for all levels of lyrical singers
- Workbook (challenges & assignments)
- Q&A's & Master Classes
- Hybrid learning: online & in-person
 -Comes with Vocal Exercising Course
- and much, much more!

Other Courses

Breathing & Breath Support, Vocal Exercising, Vocal Health, Lax Vox, Piano Playing for Vocal Accompaniment and Teaching Voice.
All courses contain inspiring and in-depth video & audio lessons, come with a beautiful workbook, live webinars, study support and interesting interviews with specialists in the field.
Learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and in your own time and at a fraction of the cost of regular lessons.

Private Coaching

If you prefer an even more personal approach, you can book a live vocal coaching session.

I teach in my studios in Amstelveen (Netherlands), Rome (Italy), New York & Orlando (USA) and everywhere else online. I teach adults (>18 years) and all lyrical styles.
Every lesson is both custom learning at the highest level and inspiring! And of course: with live piano.




Self paced online courses with personal coaching.
Aiming to create a HEALTHY technique and a FREE EXPRESSION of your AUTHENTIC VOICE

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