Master the Art of Public Speaking

Speakers, hosts, teachers, actors: master your audience with a voice that attracts

In this course, I will teach you how to use your voice while public speaking or acting. Physical elements like intonation, diction, breathing, emphasizing and posture will help you sustain your speach during a long presentation. Psychological and communicative elements will draw every audience to you. Learn to use your voice the right way to prevent from wear out and show authority, wit and compassion to really connect with your audience.

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Course Summary

As a person, that has a job where communication is an every day reality, you face many challenges. Every public speaker, be it a teacher, host of an event or actor on stage, wants to master his main instrument of communication: his voice. That can be easier said than done... Vocal injuries, hoarseness, soft voice, a voice that lacks authority, is dull, or not strong or simply not audible because of mumbling, will soon lose the interest of the group that is his audience.

But how wonderful it can be, if in a second, you can grasp your audiences attention, have them laughing, have them cling to every word you say. It is the communication between people, that makes this job so interesting. But it is only interesting if you make it work.

In this course, I share my experiences from my career as a singer, actor, teacher, public speaker and host on events, conferences, gala's and concerts. My degree in Business Management and Psychology Studies helped me to gain insights in the Art of Public Speaking, Public Relations and getting to know yourself as well as your audience, as well.

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This course uses the revolutionary new 4-phase learning method, developed by Irene de Raadt - Bellucci and based on a proven academic model, guaranteed to learn in a structured way and to reach your goal of being a seasoned public speaker.

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