Master the Art of Healthy Breathing and Breath Support

Learn, practise and implement a powerful breath support to support your voice for free, healthy singing with joy and power

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Course Summary

Breath support is by far one of the most challenging topics in singing. But it is also the most fundamental: without proper breathing, you cannot sing. Singing without breath support is like driving a Formula-1 car without knowing how to use the gas pedal.

It is because of that, that this course is a good foundation for every singer. The course is structured in a revolutionary way, by going through four stages that will lead you from an absolute beginner to an expert on breath support that can actually implement it.

This course is about how breathing works, how it is important for singing, how to obtain the best posture for it, how to practise it and finally, how to implement proper breathing in singing. After this course, your voice will be supported, and you will sing with greater health and ease!

Irene de Raadt-Bellucci

Vocalist (a.o. with Andrea Bocelli) and vocal coach to hundreds of students since 2003. Specialist in Vocal Technique in lyrical singing.

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